Serik Tolukpayev: Thanks to artificial intelligence, we get an additional 10%–15% profitability

Kazakhstan Growth Forum, which Brings Together Business Leaders, Politicians and Leading Economists to Has Taken Place in Almaty Today. Serik Tolukpayev, the founder of the largest agro-holding in Kazakhstan and the inspirer of Aitas Foundation, has taken floor at the panel session GROWTH BEYOND TRANSFORMATION, dedicated to the business transformation using generative artificial intelligence. He spoke about the advantages of using artificial intelligence and digitalization in the agro-industrial complex, as well as about innovative approaches in the business management system.

Companies of the holding have been actively using artificial intelligence in crop production for the last two years, and thanks to this they receive an additional 10%-15% profitability. Serik Tolukpayev stressed that AITAS Holding actively supports innovations, including «disruptive» projects that change the ratio of values in the market.

In addition, he spoke about the transformation of the AITAS holding.

«The company is in an interesting stage. We call it the «bifurcation stage». Based on the management system, we have divided our current and future businesses into three areas: Run, Change and Disrupt.

• Run is a business in which you grow at a certain pace, it is often associated with boundaries of the market,

• Change is the collaboration with unions, strategists who can increase resources in the market,

• Disrupt is startups, new business models.

I think it’s a very interesting model. We are looking for disruptive technologies all over the world and are concentrating 10% of monetary resources there, hoping for a possible explosive growth,» Serik Tolukpayev said.