Katon-Karagay to Regained the Official Status of the Regional Center

The year 2024 began with wonderful news for the people of Katon-Karagay.

Katon-Karagay has regained the official status of the regional center! 2 more border districts have also been restored: Markakol and Makanchi.
Residents of all three districts welcomed this initiative with glee. Today we celebrate this important event for them together!

This is also a small victory for the Sustainable Rural Development Fund, as the issue of the administrative and territorial structure of Katon-Karagay and Markakol districts was systematically raised at different levels.
We are confident that giving these territories the status of regional centers will give an impetus to the sustainable development of border territories and, of course, will affect the state of migration sentiments of their residents.
Congratulations to the residents of districts and all Kazakhstanis on this important stage in our history!